Why is entrepreneurship so unattractive to saving?

The startup ecosystem is boiling. Every week we read, also in the general press, news that refer to the start of new instruments to finance startup, almost always technology-based, to investment and divestment operations, often with gigantic capital gains. It is a young, growing microsystem that already has its gurus, small circles of influence that result from a very good …

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Ultra-diversified investment: from crowdinvesting to crowd2crowd

The Brexit, Trump, the real estate already up with 2-digit figures, January inflation above 3%, the OPEC agreement and the oil going back,… a lot of convulsion. Markets are shifting and the tailwinds that have pushed us to GDP growth rates that no one foresaw the last 2 years are already abating. And now what should investors do? As always, …

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Kennedy, Sputnik and the ontology of the language

In 1957, the Soviet Union put into orbit the first space satellite, Sputnik 1. The world lived in the Cold War and we could say that this aroused some disquiet among Americans. At that time, many thought that the USSR was technologically lagging behind the United States, some said that they were not even capable of making refrigerators, and someone …

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Leadership that kills… or almost.

Unconsciously negligent leadership. Some time ago a pilot good friend of mine shared with me his frustration about the relationship he had with one of the captains. They almost no talk each other outside the cabin and during duties he was bitter and authoritarian. All this resulted in a risk situation when a warning light for the hydraulic system lit up  before taking off towards a sea route, it must …

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