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Many ideas and projects that are viable and scalable fail to be born. This means large opportunity costs for society in loss of ability to generate wealth and new jobs. Up Catalonia confirms this gap and has therefore developed a comprehensive system of support for startup companies connecting science, technology, capital, relevant nodes worldwide, and people with ideas to build a powerful conglomerate of innovation and entrepreneurship. Up Catalonia does not speculate, do business, building the country . We are responsible and we want to generate a significant contribution to the economy better, fairer and more responsible, while more competitive and advanced. That’s why we’re your trusted partner for your entrepreneurship project.

The idea

We want your idea to thrive.  We are looking for fresh and innovative business ideas aimed to global markets for any industry or final customer. We offer experts to solve specific business challenges.


Learning by doing with our 12-month midwifery program you’ll receive tailored mentorship, hands-on sessions with experts and potential customers, and a unique office space where you’ll work with other smart, talented founders.


We’ve built startups before so we know starting a company is solitary and challenging. Our certified coaches experts in entrepreneurship will accompany you to increase self-awareness, foster your strengths and manage uncertainty.


We invest in you and your project. We’ll work together to establish your company, raising your next round or accessing the market locally and internationally. As a member of Up Catalonia we’ll love to have you around to create new synergies and we’ll find the most suitable networking.


(Català) Estratègies de promoció econòmica territorial

Up! Catalonia up to date

(Català) El sistema de suport a la creació d’empreses té forats importants

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(Català) Sense empresa, res a fer. Obvietats oblidades

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Com salvar l’hostaleria i altres sectors?

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(Català) Estratègies de promoció econòmica territorial

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AWEN joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

AWEN designs innovative spirits, such as TESAKE, a variety of infusions with the soft touch of fermentation based on rice and Japanese koji.
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E-DOJO, an initiative born in the Up Training Club

E-Dojo is an eSports academy (videogames of competition) born with the vocation to train teenagers with values that go beyond the eSports te
Learn more

Friendly Pelican is now Inteleen

Inteleen is the new name of Friendly Pelican, a project whose mission is to provide value-added technology services to restoration. Through
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(Català) Conveni de col·laboració entre el CCN i Up Catalonia

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Escout Padlock in Guardatot

Escout begins the works for the implementation of the use of Escout Smart Padlock in the stores of GUARDA TOT ( Customers
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The Part Time Lab reaches the first milestone with 9 projects

The first major milestone of the program has been successfully achieved. At this point the different projects have already profiled and pres
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Kopyk joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Kopyk allows you to share geolocated photos at a specific time. It allows to create events in which the assistants share and compete to get
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Naturonia exports to Chile

Naturonia, in its commercial expansion, has begun to export to Chile its elimolor products for sport.
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Escout and Clintu sign a collaboration agreement

The home services platform and Escout have signed a collaboration agreement in which the ESCOUT Electronic Security Box becomes th
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(Català) Via Empresa: Part Time Lab, el primer capital privat per una idea

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(Català) PartTime Lab: el programa Lab en format intensiu, grupal i resident

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Naturonia joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Naturonia provides solutions for air purification of human, industrial and food environments, based on natural absorbent. Naturonia products
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Intermedia Foundation joins the Up! Training Club

Intermedia Foundation, Up Catalonia and the social entrepreneur Eugenia Gargallo have partnered to jointly promote the first Up! Training Cl
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Graphene, revolutionary material

Graphene, material of the future A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) makes graphene act as a superconductor and insu
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Come to our coworking spaces

In Sant Cugat or in Barcelona you can enjoy our coworking spaces. In addition, they are "smart" coworking, spaces where in addition to a wor
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We put innovation and corporate entrepreneurship within the reach of SMEs

Up Catalonia offers innovation consultancy</ h2> We live in an increasingly connected world where competition increases day by day and
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Catalunya Informació interview the promoters of Escout

The "Economy and Business" program of Catalunya Informació interviews the promoters of Escout, Lidia Vilabella and Sulay González, as a resu
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Manage the fundraising for your company with Up Catalonia

Too many financing demands fail due to formal issues It is common knowledge: the success of bank financing requests depends in good measure
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ACCIÓ trusts Up! Catalonia

Up Catalonia has been the beneficiary of a grant from ACCIÓ, the Catalan agency for the competitiveness of the company, within the framework
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You can now find Prokey in Veritas stores

Prokey has held a General Meeting to prepare a strong expansion of its capital Prokey Drinks, made with water kefir, provide microorganisms
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A world of endless applications for graphene

2DEdge has developed a technology that opens the possibility of manufacturing graphene CVD in series What is called "the material of the fut
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Up! Catalonia expands to Barcelona

The Up! Training Club offers coworking spaces and programs for entrepreneurs and in search of job improvements Eugenia Gargallo engineer tur
Learn more

And with LetMeSee … we are already 10!

The projects supported by Up Catalonia already generate 20 jobs The LetMeSee project, an application that allows to share live images, is th
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The Up! Training Club is now a reality!

This week the Up! Training Club has opened its doors with a series of conferences and workshops conducted by experts in different fields. Th
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2DEdge joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

2DEdge is a startup born in the framework of the program of ideas generation of the UAB Research Park. The mission of 2DEdge is to produce g
Learn more

EscoutMe signs a millionaire contract with WAG

EscoutMe, through its North American subsidiary, and San Francisco-based Wag Labs Inc. sign an agreement for more than $ 3,200,000 of a modi
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Friendly Pelican joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Friendly Pelican is a project whose mission is to provide value-added technology services to restoration. Through devices designed and progr
Learn more

PumpIt Nanotech: the potential of microfluidics and point-of-care

The world of microfluidics and application in point-of-care diagnostic tests is not widely known. For this reason, we would like to share th
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Up Training Club s’incorpora a l’ecosistema d’Up! Catalonia

The first training club that will help you discover what you really want to do and get your skills, attitude and experience in shape to crea
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Vermutissimo joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Vermutissimo are unique recipes of fruit juices and natural spices that are added to vermouth to transform it into an exceptional cocktail.
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Trobada ecosistema Up Catalonia

Last Wednesday, July 19 at the SC Trade Center we enjoyed a relational encounter Entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, collaborators and people
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Escout presents its model Escout S for the USA market

Escout presents its model Escout S for the USA market, a version specifically designed for the up growing sharing economy. This model will b
Learn more

Prokey increases production

Prokey Drinks is producing 20,000 bottles a month which, thanks to the distribution agreements reached, are already in the market, mainly in
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(Català) Transforma les teves idees en productes mitjançant el programa SME-Instrument (H2020) de la Comissió Europea

Sorry, this entry is only available in Catalan and European Spanish.
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Defcon8 joins to Cleantech Camp program

Cleantech Camp is an entrepreneurship support programme in the field of clean energies with the aim of transforming projects into business r
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Prokey joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Prokey is a delicious healthy drink with living microorganisms. It is made thanks to the action of living water kefir cultures. This results
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EscoutMe joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

EscoutMe has recently joined the ecosystem of Up! Catalonia. It is a company born of an American company that develops a system of remote ac
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Defcon8 joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Defcon8 has joined the Up! Catalonia ecosystem. The company develops energy efficiency systems using the monitoring of water consumption tha
Learn more

EMPENTA selects two projects participated by Up! Catalonia

The Empenta program, organized by ESADECREAPOLIS and promoted by ACCIÓ, the agency of the Generalitat for the competitiveness of the compani
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Beach Box Gym joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Beach Box Gym has joined the Up! Catalonia ecosystem. The company has developed the first self-contained gym thanks to a system that offers
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Wir Trinken joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

Wir Trinken is a company in the Fintech sector that is developing a revolutionary technological system with 360º vision that will allow the
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Make your way towards high performance

The mentor and coach Romà Andreu, will make a presentation on Friday at 9:30h at the SC Trade Center. Make your way towards high performance
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Up! Catalonia lands at Smart Community Trade Center

Up! Catalonia expands the availability of spaces for the enterprise and is implanted in SC Trade Center. The fact is framed in the agreement
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BB Energetic Group joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

BB Energetic Group has joined the Up! Catalonia ecosystem. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people and facilitate their dail
Learn more

PumpIt Nanotech joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

PumpIt Nanotech is a startup born from the Pump it project. This project was a response to the challenge presented by SENER, regarding the t
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Up Catalonia on the jury of B Up!

Odder and Cercle CECOT de Joves Empresaris organize the day B Up! "with the aim of giving light to the companies of the future". Up Cataloni
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Up! Catalonia becomes “financial promoter” of the Catalan Institute of Finance

With the intention of providing the most efficient way possible the boot of companies that are part of the ecosystem, the Catalan Institute
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(Català) Invitació del Parc de Recerca de la UAB

Up! Catalonia will participate on December 12 together with Caixa Capital Risc, BStartUp, Capital Cell and EsadeBan in the seminar "Preparat
Learn more

Smart Community Trade Center participates in the capital of Up! Catalonia

Smart Community Trade Center and Up! Catalonia have sealed their alliance, aimed at sharing efforts and strategies to provide the best servi
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Conference in the framework of the meeting “New trends in investment” organized by International Investors & Founders (IIF)

Up! Catalonia participated last October 27 in the business meeting organized by International Investors & Founders (IIF) to discuss "New inv
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Strategic Alliance between IUCT Inkemia Up and Catalonia

IUCT Inkemia group's objective is to generate knowledge of high technological value for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmeti
Learn more

Advances the process of selection of the projects supported by Up! Catalonia

The Up! Catalonia selection team has already evaluated a number of proposals from several entrepreneurial teams. Some of them have received
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(Català) Presentació per a emprenedors dijous 6 d’octubre

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(Català) Conferència de Carles Brugarolas a la Barcelona Startup Week

Sorry, this entry is only available in Catalan.
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(Català) Up! Catalonia patrocina la Barcelona StartUp Week

Sorry, this entry is only available in Catalan.
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(Català) Arrenca la selecció dels primers projectes d’emprenedoria

Sorry, this entry is only available in Catalan.
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Up CataloniaGestiona el contingut de les pantalles del teu local. És fàcil! year ago 0 1
Up CataloniaRT @Brugarolas: El president de @SCEmpresarial ha descrit bé la conjuntura i plantejat 3 itineraris possibles. Ni "business as usual" ni de…1 year ago 7 0
Up CataloniaRT @eDojopro: Ayer estuvimos en la 5G Gaming Arena @MovistarCentre hablando de @eshodopro, @ColosseumCenter y el resto de proyectos en los…1 year ago 4 0
Up CataloniaGràcies a Urbe Abogados per convidar-nos a participar del seu podcast especialitzat en #startups per parlar sobre rondes de finançament! year ago 1 2



Being an Up Catalonia project will validate your business, and our network will help you connect with investors when the time is right. Our Demo Day is also a great opportunity to meet and pitch people who might give you good money. Through our distributed sites and you’ll have access to investors in different countries.


We’ll work together on your business and product strategy, growth and metrics, and investor pitches via group and individual sessions facilitated by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. An assigned certified coach will accompany you to develop your professional skills.


Starting a company is solitary and challenging. Working with other people going through the same challenges makes a huge difference. Founders who’ve gone through our programs tell us that the belonging to a community is extremely valuable. As an african proverb says “To educate a child is needed the whole tribe”.

Co-working space

We believe startups learn more when they work side by side. Many founders say that working with peers maintains self-motivation, fosters synergies and increases productivity. We offer spacious, bright and inspiring spaces in an environment like Sant Cugat (Barcelona), with a large business activity.


We built an important network, startups build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their size without an ecosystem like ours. Need an intro to a customer? Early access to a new platform feature? A test with in a real enviroment? Stuck at the border?  We’re here to help you.


Thrive in a real international ecosystem. Globalisation is not just a need or strategy, like you, it’s how we born.  English is our “lingua franca” and we look for founders aimed to play in global markets. Our mentors’ll prepare you for the international arena and our ambassadors’ll guide you in different markets.

Apply now

Team & Mentors

Carles BrugarolasUp Catalonia - CEO+
Economist with business experience in diverse sectors. Entrepreneur, university professor and occasional speaker. Politician with extensiveRead more
Karen ReithUp Investment - International Business+
Karen is a highly experienced business& institutional adviser and entrepreneur, with an extensive track record of generating value for compaRead more
Daniele FurlanUp Community - Strategy
Economist by University of Barcelona and Master by IESE Business School / Entrepreneur and professional of management of innovative and globRead more
Glenda HoggUp Investment - International Business
Glenda is a highly successful entrepreneur and seasoned corporate & institutional advisor with over 25 years experience across a wide rangeRead more
Lluís Fernàndez AlàUp Catalonia - Operations+
Experience from a young age in family business and press distribution business and office supplies, director of a foundation and project manRead more
Albert d’AntaUp Academy - Entrepreneurship+
Degree in Telecommunications Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, PDD by IESE Business School and entrepreneur. I developedRead more
Jordi EchevarriaMentor+
I have developed most of my career in the field of consulting services (business and ICT) in Telefonica and Everis, where I have been partneRead more
Romà AndreuMentor & Coach+
Entrepreneur, trainer, coach, speaker, recreational pilot and an eternal hyperactive soul. My expertises are facilitation, communication, buRead more
Sonia CaballeroMentor & Coach+
My passion is human relationships - business, to help its development, growth and improvement of results as well as the support of new projeRead more
Francesc QuerMentor & Coach+
Psychologist specializing in marketing and development, accompanies projects of entrepreneurship and of company impelling the business proceRead more
Antoni BuiraMentor+
With a strong focus on generating business and extensive experience in the areas of Marketing and Sales in various technological sectors (CoRead more
Sandra MarínMentor & Coach+
Her extensive professional career in the areas of motivation, sales, team management and leadership, together with her training and skills,Read more
Evelyn MorenoMentor+
Cross scientist with extensive experience in the development of functional (nano-)materials. PhD in Materials Science (UB-IMR), Master in SyRead more
Pedro MurgaMentor+
Professional with proven experience in project management, companies and entities in the sports, cultural, audiovisual and entertainment fieRead more

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