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We live in an increasingly connected world where competition increases day by day and different technologies are quickly introduced into sectors that we defined as “stable”. It is impossible to be an expert in everything and less in those issues that we believe far from our business. In recent years we have seen business transformations in entire sectors as a result of adapting to new technologies. Creativity, innovation and knowledge of new technologies have been key factors to understand, and hopefully follow the rhythm, of these transformations. Often companies are immersed in the struggle of day to day and can spend little time to have a broader strategic perspective, namely what is the way forward, what are the market trends, how are their consumers changing (millennials, generations X, Y, Z,…), how it will affect the introduction of new technologies. Nanotechnology, graphene, big data, microfluidics, intelligent nutrients, sustainability, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, and many others can radically change our business.
Up Catalonia offers the opportunity to work on strategic innovation for those companies that can not afford an innovation department. We should talk?


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