Many ideas and projects that are viable and scalable fail to be born. This means large opportunity costs for society in loss of ability to generate wealth and new jobs. Up Catalonia confirms this gap and has therefore developed a comprehensive system of support for startup companies connecting science, technology, capital, relevant nodes worldwide, and people with ideas to build a powerful conglomerate of innovation and entrepreneurship. Up Catalonia does not speculate, do business, building the country . We are responsible and we want to generate a significant contribution to the economy better, fairer and more responsible, while more competitive and advanced. That’s why we’re your trusted partner for your entrepreneurship project.

The idea

We want your idea to thrive.  We are looking for fresh and innovative business ideas aimed to global markets for any industry or final customer. We offer experts to solve specific business challenges.


Learning by doing with our 12-month midwifery program you’ll receive tailored mentorship, hands-on sessions with experts and potential customers, and a unique office space where you’ll work with other smart, talented founders.


We’ve built startups before so we know starting a company is solitary and challenging. Our certified coaches experts in entrepreneurship will accompany you to increase self-awareness, foster your strengths and manage uncertainty.


We invest in you and your project. We’ll work together to establish your company, raising your next round or accessing the market locally and internationally. As a member of Up Catalonia we’ll love to have you around to create new synergies and we’ll find the most suitable networking.


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