Strategic Alliance between IUCT Inkemia Up and Catalonia

IUCT Inkemia group’s objective is to generate knowledge of high technological value for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical and related industries, marketed through the generation, promotion, development and sale of products and services with high added value. The company has an important division dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurial projects within it’s business sectors, and a significant affiliate network.
The complementary nature of the businesses was very clear from the initial discussions, given that Up! Catalonia will participate in a very high number of start ups across all sectors, including those that require highly specialized knowledge and facilities. On Inkemia’s part they value the ability of Up! Catalonia to source projects and finance, together with the tools to drive forward entrepreneurial teams in less mature stages than are habitually the norm for the sector. Over and above strictly business criteria, the promoters and leaders of Inkemia and Up! Catalonia share the same vision to contribute and generate from their respective businesses, long-term, with consistence, and their own economic development and that of their surroundings, within an ambitious collaborative framework.
Inkemia and Up! Catalonia have signed a strategic alliance to diversify investments and reduce risks, multiply available financial instruments and the projection of their respective initiatives. This alliance will consist of commitments to reciprocal investments, and the establishment of mechanisms for co-governance of an ecosystem of potentially great scale, maximum business relevance and a high socio-territorial impact.

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