Up! Catalonia lands at Smart Community Trade Center

Up! Catalonia expands the availability of spaces for the enterprise and is implanted in SC Trade Center. The fact is framed in the agreement signed a few months ago through which this important business center will host one of the first conglomerates of entrepreneurship promoted by Up Catalonia. The pact plans to expand the available space as the community of residents grows, which will happen in an accelerated way.

The initiative to group multi-sector entrepreneurship projects comes from the desire to provide the best services to accompany and consolidate projects at the best possible cost taking advantage of the important economies of scale that are generated. On the other hand, the interaction between the projects provokes important synergies and transfers of knowledge that play a very important role in its acceleration.

If all this takes place in a privileged and high-level space such as Smart Community Trade Center the results can only do better.

We thank Alexia Porqueras, Marc Torras and the whole team for their welcome and the facilities they provide to make a really beneficial alliance for all!

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