Up! Catalonia expands to Barcelona

The Up! Training Club offers coworking spaces and programs for entrepreneurs and in search of job improvements

Eugenia Gargallo engineer turned his career. A few years ago, she decided that she was able to enjoy and contribute much more by building a project that, besides being viable and scalable, serves above all to solve important needs for a high number of people. Thus created Cool Futuras, a company dedicated to helping identify personal and professional itineraries for young people (and not so young!). She presented the project to Up Catalonia that was joined with enthusiasm. We share values, concerns and project and we have obvious complementarities.
Together we have strengthened and enriched the project and we have already opened the first space that wants to be a chain of gyms … for the mind! The first Up! Training Club is in the Clot – Glòries, in Carrer dels Enamorats 136. There you will find spaces to work, for meetings, to share and collaborate. And above all, a team of experts in helping you identify better what you want and how you could get it: If you do not know what you want to do, why you have more capacity; If they do not call you for the work that you want; If you have a business idea and you do not know where to start: Up! Training Club.
Surely, if only part of the time and effort that we devote to the body of our investing in our skills and abilities, we would have, everybody, many more opportunities.

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