Smart Community Trade Center participates in the capital of Up! Catalonia

Smart Community Trade Center and Up! Catalonia have sealed their alliance, aimed at sharing efforts and strategies to provide the best services of the market to entrepreneurs. SC Trade Center is a company specialized in the management and dynamisation of business spaces. Born as a spin-off company of the founders of Sant Cugat Trade Center, it is led by its partners Marc Torras and Alèxia Porqueras. It has extensive experience in attracting and hosting with important added values of entrepreneurship of all kinds, areas in which synergy with Up! Catalonia is evident, which will need a significant amount of square meters of various types to accommodate the entrepreneurial teams with which it collaborates.

Within the framework of this agreement, it has been agreed to make available a first space within the facilities of SC Trade Center destined to host initiatives supported by Up! Catalonia. Lluís Fernàndez, COO of Up! Catalonia and responsible for coordinating the various sites of the organization, said that “it is a privilege to be able to count on the complicity of a company and a team with so much experience and so many successes behind them while promoting top-class business environments”, and recalled the quantitative and qualitative power of the facilities of SC Trade Center in Sant Cugat.


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