PumpIt Nanotech joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

PumpIt Nanotech is a startup born
from the Pump it project. This project was a response to the challenge presented by SENER, regarding the troublesome behaviour of bubbles in microfluidic devices in microgravity, during the 5th Ideas Generation Program: Aeroespacial Technologies from UAB (PRUAB).

For this project, our team has designed a breakthrough technology capable to get rid of the bubbles in microfluidic devices at any given gravity conditions and also to work as an efficient fluids mixer. Once the technology patentability was confirmed, the potential impact of our innovative product in both space and Earth microfluidic Market added to the interest and positive feedback from entities such as SENER, Polyoptics, IMB-CNM, PRUAB, made the team decide to found the start up to develop and produce the PumpIt technology

The alliance with Up! Catalonia takes place mainly to collaborate and accelerate the transit to the global market taking advantage of the international experience and the contacts of the members Karen Reith and Glenda Hogg, who will be the first mentors of Up! Catalonia available to PumpIt Nanotech.

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