A world of endless applications for graphene

2DEdge has developed a technology that opens the possibility of manufacturing graphene CVD in series

What is called “the material of the future” may be experiencing the turning point towards its mass launch into the market. Graphene CVD is a material that due to its properties of hardness, resistance, flexibility, thermodynamics and conductivity seems destined to become one of the new star elements for the next decades. It is a nanomaterial to which applications can be glimpsed in sectors as diverse as automotive, microelectronics, aeronautics, surgery, chemistry, textiles, civil works…
Up Catalonia collaborates with a team of researchers from the Parc de Recerca of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona who have developed for the first time the technology that allows the production of graphene CVD in series, financing and accelerating its arrival in the market. It is possibly one of the entrepreneurial initiatives that could become a reference in the coming years.

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