Intermedia Foundation joins the Up! Training Club

Intermedia Foundation, Up Catalonia and the social entrepreneur Eugenia Gargallo have partnered to jointly promote the first Up! Training Club, the first center specialized in training work and professional futures for people with difficulties finding a job or simply to get the one they really aspire to. The initiative, located in the Clot neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​near the Plaça de les Glòries, wants to reinforce the existing instruments to respond to the high rates of unemployment especially among young people, as well as the phenomenon of infra-occupation.

Through the methodology developed by Eugenia Gargallo, users are provided with a better identification of their own aptitudes and interests, as well as an improvement of personal skills, tangible impacts on the curriculum and guidance to define personal and professional itineraries appropriate to each profile and clear improvements in the employability of people. It implements initiation programs for entrepreneurship that receive continuity through the support instruments of Up Catalonia, as well as linking services between candidates and jobs available within the framework of Intermedia programs. Apply principles such as “Train your future” or “Find the job you really want, and if it does not exist, believe it!”.

The promoters of the project collaborate equally in this pioneering project. The future goal is to open new centers in Barcelona and the metropolitan area capable of promoting entrepreneurship and employment in a sustainable way, combining different models of economic management and therefore offering innovative services with high social impact in the neighborhoods where it is implemented.

About Intermedia Foundation

Intermedia Foundation is a placement agency that arises from the sum of common objectives of three organizations of the third sector (Fundación IReS, Fundación Surt and Suara Cooperativa) with a long history of social action to improve employment, especially for groups and people who are in situations of greater vulnerability.

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