BB Energetic Group joins the Up! Catalonia ecosystem

BB Energetic Group has joined the Up! Catalonia ecosystem. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people and facilitate their daily lives through technology and renewable energy. This has led to develop several models of chairs that allow solar electrical load.

Its first customer was Barcelona’s City Hall, which gave it the opportunity to launch a pilot project of the solar deck chair (their first product) in a commercial area located at Glòries. Thanks to the good acceptance from users and the spreading of the media, BB Energetic Group has been able to keep growing, improving the solar deck chair and developing new ideas and challenges.
Currently, the company is in negotiation with several hotel chains around the world, cruises, amusement parks or public institutions to try to reach agreements that allow this business to become a reference in the energetic and technology sector some day.

One of its main goals is to provide jobs for all those unemployed in a long term, especially people over 45 with family responsibilities, one of the social groups that are suffering most the economical crisis in our country.

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