Advances the process of selection of the projects supported by Up! Catalonia

The Up! Catalonia selection team has already evaluated a number of proposals from several entrepreneurial teams. Some of them have received a favorable proposal. Right now they are closing the last fringes to finish up to 10 selection process this month of October in one of several formats available for participation in the Up! Catalonia ecosystem.
The initiatives plan to develop ambitious business activities in areas such as management software (20%), video games (10%), devices and energy saving materials oriented (20%), nanotechnology medical applications (10%), design, manufacture and marketing new consumer products (30%) and business services (10%).
Up! Catalonia aims to build a large portfolio of hundreds of entrepreneurial initiatives in all sectors, staying in spaces provided by the organization to generate one of the most important clusters of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. In parallel and to make possible an unbeatable investment instrument, maximum security, high profitability and a strong business impact and socio-territorial has been generated.

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